Bedfordshire, SG18 8BN

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Powder Coating | Wet Painting | Wood Finishing | Suede Coating
25th May 2024


Bedfordshire, SG18 8BN

01767 600120


Powder Coating

Online and Offline Powder Coating. Jigging for smaller components.
Wet Painting

Wet Painting

All types of wet paint spraying available for all types of substrates.

Wood Finishing

All types of wood finishing from colour coating through to staining and lacquer.

Suede Coating

Top quality Nextel® suede coating professional applied to all substrates.
RFI Shielding

RFI Shielding

EMC complaint Nickel or Copper RFI Shielding.

Inspection & Assembly

All types of masking available. Full assembly and packaging service.


7.5 tonne curtain sided truck
3.5 tonne curtain sided truck

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